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There is nothing exciting like planning for your first trip travel destination over the holiday. This is because some of the fascinating places will give you a chance to experience a fantastic tour of all times. Any tourist has an opportunity to get a rental24h car hire, meaning there is no doubt that youll find all you need to account your budget. With the hired vehicle, you can travel to some of the great paces of your choice. Thus, if youre looking for a place to visit, check off some of the ideal travel destinations to choose from when planning your first trip.



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Thailand is one of the great places that worth visiting. As a first time tourist, you can pretty much cherry pick any kind of experience you want. It has some of the stunning beaches, backpackersparadise, and a cheap accommodation. Perhaps its a place for meditation retreat as well as jungle trek. Apart from the amazing landscape, youll also engage in exciting activity like getting ripped off by a tuktuk.

New Zealand


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This place has a distinct touring destination for tourist. This means you can trek to Oceania and enjoy the white sand beaches. Consequently, its easy and safe to get around at the super rewarding destination. New Zealand has its summer happening in the Northern Hemispheres winter. Thus, you can really enjoy the natural beauty that makes this place stand out travel destination.


Northern Italy


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Italy is a state that has received the topmost honors with its stunning sceneries. So planning your first time trip to Northern Italy is a great way to experience a real treat. Some of the places that you wont miss to visit include Lake Garda where you can opt to hop on a boat to Sirmione and explore the castle. So youve all reason to visit such a place that stands as the worlds most historic with gorgeous landscape.

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Traveling to different destinations around the world is an essential way to explore the beauty of nature. Additionally, there are other amazing travel destinations you may opt to consider. These include:
Overland Argentina
New York City

Finally, the above travel destinations are some of the best places youll probably never miss to visit during your first time trip. So whats next? Make adventure your priority and experience more. So when the opportunity arises, dont hesitate to use a rental24h car hire to explore your road trip.